Our staff creates robust learning assessment reports, evaluation tools, longitudinal measurement processes and recommendations reports.
Our work meets that standards for most external accrediting agencies.  We also have multiple years of experience in creating and processing accreditation applications for a wide-range of professions including legal, accounting, medical, human resources and higher education regional accrediting bodies.
We believe that one educational environment does not meet the needs of all learners.  As a result, we are equipped to build adaptive learning environments that allow learners to advance at their own speed and access only the materials they actually need.
: We design professional development programs to help employees or professional members build critical skills to meet changing needs, to scale careers paths, and successfully achieve yearly objectives.
For geographically distributed or time-strapped learners, we provide robust education using e-learning best practices.
Our professionals have built multiple corporate online learning programs that have met with critical, commercial, and documented positive learning outcomes that have enabled organizations to meet important strategic goals.
     around the globe
Design of an online
educational platform
using p tags & profiling to
personalize learning...>>
Creation of healthcare
instructions in Tagalog to
help native speaking care-
givers provide services...>>
  learning your way
Strategic competency-based curriculum
design to provide lifelong learning for your
members from entry-level to retirement...>>
Hi-tech mobile solutions for road warriors and time-strapped executives, virtual mentorship
& leadership programs...>>
Cutting-edge personalized and adaptive
education programs that meet the needs of
diverse learning populations...>>
   subject matter experts

In an increasingly global community, we take
cultural competency very seriously. We're devoted to creating culturally sensitive and appropriate learning programs where our skilled team of multimedia, user experience and education professionals work with groups abroad and at home.

Our experts create mentoring programs to help organizations transition employees to higher levels of responsibility and to preserve their organizational knowledge.
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