For geographically distributed or time-strapped learners, we provide robust education using e-learning best practices.
We provide full-scale video services including any or all of the following: scripting, casting, shooting on or off-site, editing, and deploying.

Unique Learning Solutions: Descriptions

Instructional Design & Learning Theory:
Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals will design courses aligning objectives with approach and outcomes. Clients may purchase any portion of the design process from high-level approach, design, development, implementation, or evaluation. Alternatively, clients may purchase a complete assessment through evaluation bundle of one or any number of courses. back >

Course or Learning Asset Development:
Our professionals can develop or re-purpose any existing learning assessment and course design for implementation to meet changing learning preferences, technology or financial needs. back >

Curriculum Design & Competency Assessment:
Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals have expertise and experience in designing competency-based curricula for specific professions or content domains. Clients may contract Learning on the Edge, Inc. to develop a curriculum plan for their membership, small business units, or disciplines. If interested, contact us or take a look at one of our examples. back >

Curriculum Course Development:
Learning on the Edge, Inc. clients can also purchase course development packages, either as a stand-alone purchase, or a bundled purchase with a curriculum design project. As a stand-alone, Learning on the Edge, Inc. will develop courses that match your curriculum and fill in curricular gaps or your "TBD" needs. We will also, bundle any number of developed courses with your curriculum design as part of a Curriculum Design and Development package. back >

Mentorship Programs:
Our professionals have designed multiple mentorship programs for organizations with remote or virtual training needs, globalized boundaries, and/or are facing the imminent retirement of a large baby-boomer organizational population. Our mentorship programs facilitate your organization's or association's ability to transfer organizational or professional knowledge to your incoming professional population, by leveraging the experience and expertise of your long-term employees and members in a documented and procedural manner. back >

On staff at Learning on the Edge, Inc. are professional videographers with film school training who can design, develop, shoot, and edit professional videos for your learning needs. Our videographers will shoot either on or off-site as specified by our clients. back >

Audio & Visual and/or Social Learning Assets:
Available to our clients are audio and graphic design specialists with extensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge of designing for blended, online and mobile platforms. Learning on the Edge, Inc. can deliver podcasts, vodcasts, blog and micro-blogging strategies, YouTube videos, interactive media, and social learning assets. We have voice-over capabilities, social media strategy expertise, along with graphic learning widget capacity using html5 technologies. back >

Content Development & Editing:

Our experts include content writing specialists and editors who provide quality assurance reviews for the clients we serve. back >

Learning Assessment & Evaluation:
Learning on the Edge, Inc. internal expertise includes psychometric assessment and evaluation. Clients can select any or all of the following: learning gap analyses, placement strategies and tools, learning assessment strategies and tools, professional competency identification reports, learning outcome dashboards and learning analyses. back >

Learning Management or Content Management Platforms:

Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals have developed assets for a wide range of learning management systems including SumTotal, Canvas, BlackBoard, Angel, Ziva, IsophBlue, LearnSomething, and a number of proprietary content management tools. We work with our clients to align learning assets to platforms, align platforms to membership, student, or employee databases, or create a recommendations report using comparative analyses. back >

Accreditation Requirements & Applications:
Our professionals also have expertise in working with continuing education and higher education accrediting bodies. We have designed, developed and implemented learning assets that meet the accreditation requirements for multiple health, accounting, human resources, and legal professions in addition to the expectations of higher education. Members of our staff have also successfully created application packets for numerous agencies such as the ANCC, NASBA, SHRM, AMA, et al. back >

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In an increasingly global community, we take cultural competency very seriously and are devoted to creating culturally sensitive and appropriate learning programs where our
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