For geographically distributed or time-strapped learners, we provide robust education using e-learning best practices.

our business model

The Learning on the Edge, Inc. business model resides at the center or intersection of instructional integrity, optimal learning outcomes, and sustainable practice for the clients we serve.

Instructional Integrity:

Our professionals are committed to creating only those educational products that align appropriate learning theories to the intended learners' preferences and the educational objectives. We do not privilege a specific theoretical paradigm with the false belief that a singular paradigm is best suited for adult learners or for specific media. We believe that any learning theory can be and in fact is, useful and fruitful, if it is the one that best aligns with the learners' needs and the learning objectives of a learning event, asset, or curriculum. When designing large scale curriculum, we will often shift learning theory as the cognitive level of the objectives change.

We further design educational products or events that respect the competencies of our clients' learners. Businesses and organizations require employees and members that can increasingly perform at the highest cognitive levels, reflecting their ability to think critically and apply advanced principles, processes and procedures on a moment's notice. We will not "dumb down" your content, rather we will use education and educational content to elevate your learners' abilities and competencies. We are committed to
culturally competent design that recognizes and honors an increasingly globalized community of learners.

Optimized Outcomes:

In any business you establish strategic goals. So too should learning. While professionals at Learning on the Edge, Inc. believe in the principles of "learning for learning's sake", most businesses and organizations have limited resources to spend on learning without specific goals. Instead, learning assets and products are developed with specific goals in mind that they expect learners to achieve upon completion or after a specific period of time. While the goals themselves are important, they are not particularly useful if we don't understand whether or not learners' can actually "do or perform" the expected behaviors. In short, learner outcomes, like business outcomes, need to be measured using valid and reliable outcome measures.

As a result, our professionals create outcome measurement tools and analyses that provide both
"at a glance" and in-depth analysis of learning outcomes, the efficacy of the learning approach or medium, ongoing learning gaps, and recommendations for curricular development.

Sustainable Practice:

In a complex world marked by constant development and change, our professionals are committed to sustainable educational content, events, programs, assets and curricula. We believe that any educational product must meet the goals of the learning, the needs and preferences of the learners, and align with the resources of the company, organization, and its learners. Sustainable practice means the following to our clients and to us:

We create education using the resources and media that learners actually use, whether that means online, offline, mobile, blended, or in a face-to-face setting.

We develop education with a company's or organization's financial resources in mind. Both large and small companies, associations, and individuals should have opportunities for professional growth, ongoing learning and advancement. As a result, we develop both high and low-threshold learning applications so all organizations can provide the education their employees or members need.

We are also aware that change, which is constant, always represents a learning curve. Sometimes organizations or professions are on top of that curve as a change has been anticipated or designed over a long period of time and employees or professionals have had a specific period of time to develop new skills or assess the professional practices that will be impacted by the upcoming changes. Other changes are disruptive, emergent, and immediate. Learning on the Edge, Inc. is poised to meet your learning needs when technology or the market throw you those learning "curve balls", with the ability to produce both phase-based curricula for anticipated needs and rapid design "just-in-time" learning assets for the unanticipated shift.

our Approach or Putting it All Together:

We design and implement learning that features all three of these critical pillars of success. Our educational products do not privilege integrity over sustainability or outcomes or vice versa. We are strongly committed to all three principles so we can demonstrate our ability to meet the learning needs of our clients, for both a moment and overtime.

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