For geographically distributed or time-strapped learners, we provide robust education using e-learning best practices.

Our Team

Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals have decades of experience in developing high caliber learning assets and environments for adult learners. Committed to instructional design integrity, optimal learning outcomes, and sustainable practice, Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals have been responsible for both commercially and critically acclaimed curricula, blended learning events, online learning opportunities, just-in-time training, and mobile learning assets.

In short, our professionals deliver some of the finest educational products on the cutting edge of the industry.

Why? The answer is easy. Learning on the Edge, Inc. professionals represent the best in class because we practice the principles of ongoing education that we support. Our professionals continually learn new practices and imagine what education could be through collaborative discussions and team-centered design groups.

Our team includes top-notch and innovative professionals in each of the following areas:

 Instructional Design and Learning Theory
 Curriculum Development and Competency Assessment
 Audio and Visual Learning Assets
 Media Development
 Content Development and Editing
 Learning Assessment and Evaluation
 Learning Management or Content Management Platforms
 Accreditation Requirements and Applications

around the globe
Design of an online
educational platform
using p tags & profiling to
personalize learning...>>
Creation of healthcare
instructions in Tagalog to
help native speaking care-
givers provide services...>>
learning your way
Strategic competency-based curriculum
design to provide lifelong learning for your
members from entry-level to retirement...>>
Hi-tech mobile solutions for road warriors and time-strapped executives, virtual mentorship & leadership programs...>>
Cutting-edge personalized and adaptive
education programs that meet the needs of
diverse learning populations...>>
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